Sorting of samples

Now the sorting of the samples is on the way. Victor Eriksson is hired to sort out the groups of interest, that will later be sent out to experts for species determination.


The collection of arthropods is done for 2020! The season has been very rewarding, with more than 550 samples collected between the 75 total wetlands in Halland and Uppland.


When doing sampling close to livestock, you always have to anticipate setbacks. The cattle at this location close to Båstad on the border between Halland and Skåne, showed a particular interest in trampling the Malaise trap, twice!

Last collection this year

The last collection of the year in Halland is now on the way with Malaise trapping and suction sampling. Just east of Halmstad, close to Årnarp we found this Wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi) which is a rather recent immigrant to Sweden.