Nest boxes

The nest box packages are designed to test effects of hole diameter and wood material on the nesting frequency of different species of solitary bees and wasps. The locations of the package were designed so we can get answers to questions on effects of distance from...


We are networking with the project LIFE-Goodstream and are using the large number of artificial nests that are planned to be deployed in the drainage area of the stream Trönningeån. In total 275 nest boxes are used. The nests boxes are bundled into...

Trapnest update

Now all trap nests have been located at the CWs. In total 85 trap nests are deployed. In each trap nest there are 23 nesting tubes, giving at total of 1 955 available nests at the 85 CWs.


We have done the first sampling of pollinators using pan traps (colour bowls). 3 traps of different colour have been placed at 50 CWs.