The dry weather has turned some wetlands into dry land. Theese extreme water level fluctuations are interesting for us to follow. Some species are adapted to theese habitats (shallow systems with occasional dryouts) and one example is the dragonfly Robust Spreadwing (Lestes dryas). The photos show the wetland ”D10” in the dry state and some specimen of Robust spreadwing found during our dragonfly survey in that wetland. This species is relatively rare in Halland and it is likely that constructed wetlands that dryout during summer is of major importance for the species. At our survey we found a quite large population of L. dryas at the site. Another species found at D10, with similar habitat requirements, was yellow-winged darter (Sympetrum flaveolum). It is also a rare species (likely to be included in the next update of the Redlist). For theese habitats, the management is especially important as they are sensitive for overgrowing with reeds and trees. D10 is grazed and mowed.

The wetland D10 in july 2021 showing our water level meter with the sensor on dry land during the drought.
A female Robust spreadwing (L .dryas)
A male Robust spreadwing (L .dryas)
A yellow-winged darter (Sympetrum flaveolum) also found of the survey of the wetland D10.